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Frequently Asked Questions about EXTREME Blower Spreader

We have the answers...

Q. Can I install spreader on my regular leaf blower or do I need to purchase additional items to make it work on my leaf blower??

A. The Extreme Blower Spreader can easily be installed on any leaf blower gas or electric as long as it has a round discharge tube that is close to 2 3/4 to 3 inches in diameter. You simply drill a 1 inch hole in your blower tube and install in seconds. It's that easy!!

Q. How much will the Extreme Blower Spreader XL hopper hold???

A. You gain a lot of added capacity with the XL spreader kit. The XL hopper will hold around 3.25lbs of grass seed which is enough to plant 800 sq. feet. If you want to plant clover seed it holds around 7.5 lbs. which is enough to plant around 3/4 to 1 acre.
Q. Should I buy the standard or XL Extreme Blower Spreader Kit.

A. It is recommended that you purchase the Extreme Blower Spreader XL kit so that you have the added capacity. The XL Kits hopper holds almost 2 1/2 times more material than the regular hopper which you may find comes in handy.

Q. When I buy one of your Extreme Blower Spreader kits will it last??

A. The Extreme Blower Spreader is built using only the best materials. We have worked with various suppliers to find the right materials for everything the polypropylene we use to the custom stainless steel detent system we use. The Extreme Blower Spreader is built to last!

Q. When I receive my new Extreme Blower Spreader Kit in the mail or from my dealer will it be hard to use ????

A. The Kit installs in minutes with just a drill and 1 inch hole saw. You will see the easy operation of the adjustable gate valve to meter material flow into the airstream of you leaf blower. Once you find your desired coverage you can achieve repeatability from use to use as long as you set the blower rpm speed the same and set the spreader gate valve the same position.
Q. What all can I use my new Extreme Blower Spreader for ???

A. There are people all over the world using our spreaders. They are using them to spread fertilizer, plant food plots, apply aquatic herbicides, apply various types of insect repellants, over seed lawns, and much more. Basically as long as the product will flow through the base you can use the spreader to spread it!

Q. I received my Extreme Blower Spreader XL kit and have it mounted can I still use my blower if I don't want to use the spreader?

A. Sure no problem. You can simply remove the hopper with a 1/8th turn and slight pull and shut the adjustable gate valve and your back to a normal leaf blower.

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