THE TECHNOLOGY:   The Spreader Base is the key to the success of the Extreme Blower Spreader. Constructed from high strength polypropylene and steel, the spreader base is the result of much engineering and testing. The precision built venturi creates specific airflow for optimum material dispersal and flow, and the adjustable flow gate utilizes stainless steel detents ensuring accurate material flow and long life. In short, It's built to last!

the extreme blower spreader

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Relax. Enjoy good work

You have the right tool for the job; A fast, easy, efficient spreader by Extreme Blower Products. Enjoy.

Model, EXTREME Blower Products

Close flow gate

Close flow gate on spreader base to resume regular leaf blower operation.

That's it.

EASY Fill hopper, go to work

Fill hopper with desired granular product. Remove funnel and reattach hopper lid. Go to work with blower spreader.


Attach your Hopper

Attach spreader hopper to spreader base. Line up the ‘knobs’ in the hopper with the channels in the base. Push hopper onto the base and turn hopper clockwise 1/8th turn until it stops.

Finished installation in about



1" hole to blower tube

Using a one inch

hole saw

(round style), drill hole through

plastic blower tube.


Secure  straps to base

Clasp mounting straps to the spreader base by pushing strap holes into protrusions on base and wrapping each mounting strap around the blower tube.

Whatever your project, we've got the spreader

Watch installation video

Easy installation 1 - 2 - 3

The Extreme Blower Spreader can be installed easily in about five minutes. Just drill a hole into the nozzle, strap on the spreader base, and attach the hopper. That’s all. Easy installation, 1 - 2 - 3.

The Extreme Blower Spreader turns your ordinary leaf blower into an extremely powerful and efficient applicator of many granular materials: seed, fertilizer, insecticide, algae/weed control, ice melt, and many more. Use as a cheap food plot planter!


QUESTION: What makes the XD model different from the earlier XL model?

Answer: The New XD base has a much larger flow gate, 1.25 inch pass through opening while the XL flow gate is just  7/8 inch. 

WHY buy the XD? The XD is Ideal for larger granular products, such as beans or corn OR for spreading larger volumes at a time; XD is Extra Duty ready!

FLOW Gate, XL vs XD, EXTREME Blower Products


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Transforms your leaf blower into a spreader

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Remove hopper

Simply remove hopper by 1/8 turn counter-clockwise. No need to remove spreader base!

Go from spreader back to LEAF blower

Simply remove hopper and close base flow gate to resume regular leaf blower operation.

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